Choral Synagogue in Vilnius

Synagogue Vilnius

A choral synagogue (Pylimo St.39, Vilnius) is the only one of 105 Vilnius synagogues and Judaic prayer houses that has survived.

It was built in 1903 in the Moorish style. The facade contains an inscription in Hebrew: “A prayer house is sacred for all nations”. Above the pediment the tablets with the Ten Commandments are represented. Today a small Jewish community of Vilnius gathers in the synagogue.

Architect of the synagogue is David Rosenhaus. The synagogue is almost a perfect square-shaped building, with a cubic volume, crowned with a large dome.

The exterior decoration of the building is eclectic, with dominating Romanesque forms and oriental motifs.


Moorish Style Architecture

Choral synagogue vilnius
Beautiful details of the Synagogue front facade (Pylimo St.39, Vilnius)

The integral interior space is surrounded with galleries for women from the three sides and premises for a choir. There is a distinctive niche in the hall, where the Tora is kept, covered with a beautiful Aron Ha Kodesh.