Is Vilnius Worth Visiting?

The Answer is – YES

Is vilnius worth visiting

Wanting to know is Vilnius worth visiting we have to set out some thing about capital of Lithuania. Holidays in Lithuania are accessible by road, air and rail. Most European capitals are connected to Vilnius by frequent flights.

International trains also connect Vilnius to famous places like Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Minsk. Shrubs can be the cheapest way to travel to Lithuania. Shrubs may be available here for destinations such as Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Russia and many other places.

Cycling has also become very popular in Lithuania. Its pedestrian street is perhaps the longest in Europe.

Why Vilnius is Worth Visiting? 

For a place to attract travelers, there has to be  some interesting reasons to visit that particular place. However, there are many reasons to travel to Vilnius. The largest of the three Baltic countries, the others being Estonia and Latvia, Lithuania has a beautiful landscape and many attractions. Below are some reasons that make the country an ideal holiday destination.

Beautiful landscape

 is Vilnius worth visiting

Although the city lacks great mountains or forests, its beauty lies in the diversity of its landscapes.

You will find hills and soft plains in equal measure here. Glaciers have softened the country’s landscape and the highest altitude is in the eastern part of the country.

The grounds include many lakes and rivers whose beauty will refresh you.

The dunes of Nida will amaze you and, at the top of the dune, you can admire fabulous views of the waves of the Baltic.

Great Architecture and Museums

If you like Baroque and Gothic architecture, Lithuania will surely enchant you. The old town of Vilnius, one of the largest surviving ancient cities in Northern Europe, has a variety of these architectures. Visiting them is an amazing experience.

The city is also home to many palaces and religious monuments. You will also find the famous KGB museum in the center of Vilnius. You can also visit a former Soviet underground bunker in Vilnius to get an idea of ​​life in such bunkers during the Cold War.

Vilnius Gondola

To look Vilnius from Gondola call +37067019455.

Fantastic Folk Festivals

is vilnius worth visiting

Vacations in Lithuania are incomplete without participating in its folk festivals. These festivals will give you an insight into the culture and traditions of the country. Kaziuko Muge is one of the best folk festivals in the country, which takes place every 4th of March.

Street Music Day

The Lithuanian Street Music Day and Dance Festival is another festival not to be missed.

The Street Music Day tradition began back in 2007, when musician and author of the idea Andrius Mamontovas friends to go out on the streets of Vilnius. On this day, the Vilnius’ streets sink in the sounds of music and viewers enjoy the performances created by musicians. Street Music Day is usually held on the third Saturday of May each year. This year, becasue of pandemic it will happen on the 17th of July.

Delicious Cuisine

Vilnius is known for its healthy and natural cuisine. The country’s food has products adapted to its cold climate. There are many restaurants in the country, serving delicious national and international cuisine. There are some similarities between Scandinavian and Lithuanian cuisine. Traditional Lithuanian cuisine is based on local products. Lithuanians use a lot of dairy products, meat and potatoes. They love beer and cannot imagine the day without traditional Lithuanian rye bread.


 is Vilnius worth visiting

The hot air balloon lets you enjoy spectacular views of the countryside. A balloon center near Vilnius International Airport offers balloon rides around Trakai, Klaipeda, Siauliai, etc. at a reasonable price.

These tours are very popular with locals and tourists. Hot air balloon flights are completely dependent on weather conditions. Each flight is unique, so the take-off location is carefully chosen by the pilots depending on the weather conditions and wind direction. At the take-off area, passengers are instructed, a hot air balloon is prepared for the flight – all of this takes up to 30 minutes.

In summer, balloons are usually flown in the morning (5.00 – 9.00) before the thermal starts (vertical air currents) and in the evening (18.00 – 21.00), when the thermal calms down.


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You Will Discover Unique Lithuanian Facts Through Vilnius Tours

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The best time to travel to Lithuania is summer and spring. The most attractive sites of Lithuania are the hill of crosses, the national museum, the Castle of Trakai Island and the history museum.

The Mount of the Cross is endowed with a divine beauty by nature. It can bring you extreme peace or remind you of various bittersweet moments. This vision will certainly make a memorable holiday in Lithuania.




Is vilnius worth visiting

Trakai Castle is only 30 km from Vilnius. The Castle of Trakai Island has retained its ancient structure, probably built around 1400. This is very impressive place to visit during a holiday in Lithuania.

Sometimes this place is known as “Little Marienburg”. The Trakai History Museum is famous for tracing the history of the castle. You can make your trip to Lithuania interesting by visiting these places.


vilnius trakai castle
Trakai Castle at Night

Short History of Vilnius

Vilnius is the largest and the capital of Lithuania. It is surrounded by the wall built between 1503 and 1522. It was the golden age of Vilnius. The wall of the city was destroyed by Russia in 1795 and in 1812 was taken by Napoleon. In 1915 and 1918, Lithuania was under German control. In 1918 he again came under the control of Russia.

July 12, 1920, Lithuania has signed a peace treaty and Vilnius has been recognized again. But the same year, Poland occupies Lithuania, even if Vilnius thrives. There were several beautiful historical monuments in Vilnius, but they were destroyed by the Soviet Union. However, if you visit Vilnius, do not forget to visit the old city, a true witness of the glorious past of the city. Basketball is a very popular game in Lithuania.


You can practice many activities in Lithuania. There are many hotels in the country whose hospitality will make your vacation truly unforgettable.

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