Interesing Public Spaces

interesting public spaces

Interesting public spaces can be referred to as commercial places open and accessible to the masses. This includes Roads, public squares, parks, restaurants, museums, religious centers,  beaches and a lot more.

These public spaces are sometimes utilized for recreational purposes. Looking at some interesting public spaces in Vilnius, there are unique spaces that feature innovative designs — accompanying fittings in order to attain a specific look and atmosphere for the designated place.

A classic example of this in Vilnius would be a five-star restaurant that boasts of a world class chef, nice sparkling fountains, and lighting approach would usually pertain to subtle and dramatic highlights of the commercial space.

Vilnius embodies topnotch recreational centers, and they showcase the beauty and attractiveness. Let’s look at the interesting public spaces in Vilnius.

Public Showers

interesting public spaces

We can’t talk about this public shower place without mentioning Ogmios miestas (Verkių str.29, Vilnius) —a shopping mall. It houses this beautiful shower fountain. Ogmios miestas is famous for its Lithuanian farmers’ and gourmet grocery stores. Many children’s boutiques and Variety of restaurants and beautiful parks with fountains can be found here too.

The shower fountain at this mall does not only add beauty to  this space, it aids in depression relief and relaxation, acts as a natural humidifier, improves air quality with negative ions, and produces soothing water sounds that can drown out weird sounds to soothe and comfort you.

This high-quality public  showers is constructed of long lasting steel and includes everything you need to get your mood flowing. The fine finishes allow for an easy approach for cool recreational activities.

The steel tiers placed near each other create a trickle-down waterfall impact and bring sweet sounds of vertically moving water to your outdoor space.

Swings Over the River Vilnia

interesting public spaces

River Vilnia is one of the most important and picturesque rivers in Lithuania. its bridge is known for its beautiful and elegantly suspended struts. A small walk into this river brings you to the swings placed under the bridge with flowing river.

The thrill of flying through the air staring up at the clouds is something that is relaxing and soothing to the soul.

These swings are designed with safety seats, making it safe for children as long as they are taught the proper ways to sit and play on one.

Portal to Lublin near Train Station

interesting public spaces

Engineers, Scientists and Creatives, since time immemorial, sought to transcend the barriers between different dimensions of life, culture and race. In order to raise consciousness, both personally and globally, and have used a wide array of approaches to achieve such expanded experiences or shifts in vibration.

In line with this, Engineers from the VILNIUS TECH centre came up with a 3D virtual reality concept ‘PORTAL’ to allow people time-space travel to experience reality on the other side of the world.

Our reality is created by electro-magnetic energies, the only difference between these dimensions is, quite simply, vibration.

‘PORTAL’ transports information from one reality to another, allowing us somehow to understand and connect with people from other tribes as different as ours.

PORTAL is in a constant state of change; and a movement to accommodate unexpected reactions, and the unity of different cultures and their people. Basically, a rethink of the meaning of unity.

Chairs in a River Vilnia

interesting public spaces

The River Vilnia runs through Vilnius and is the headwater of the Neris River. The river has welcomed visitors as it has served as a tourist center to the masses.

However, there’s a unique section in this river that contains the place with the chairs in the river. We can refer to them as iconic Adirondack chairs, plunked down smack in the middle of the river.

They are allegorical of the laid-back and rustic charms of this picturesque river, where a deck offers river views. This place definitely presents an inviting sense of folksiness and fun that’s irresistible for families.