Vilnius Old Town

vilnius old town lithuania

Vilnius Old Town is, without a doubt, the most charming part of the city. Quaint shops and cozy cafes amid a mix of spiers, domes and intricate towers are some of the first images that spring to mind. The atmospheric alleys where you can soak up the true spirit of medieval Lithuania is worth exploring.

The old town has relaxed atmospheres and the welcoming attitude of the locals make the city even more pleasant. The old town is a lovely place to discover a bit of living history, strolling through the medieval cobbled streets. Take advantage of its varied gastronomic offer and its elegant bars and also meet its welcoming inhabitants. The city is a refreshing and memorable destination, yet to be fully discovered. Let’s explore some of the beautiful spaces in this old town.

Cozy Courtyards

vilnius old town lithuania

This space has a warming layout that is relaxed and welcoming. It consists of modern decor mixed with the use of plants and a water sculpture that sets the tone for the space. The comfortable cabins, called “pods”, have personal relaxing seats, ideal for perfect evening shenanigans.

The courtyard has a few options where you can surf the internet and read a book. Narrow down to the longer side of the yard, are outdoor seating with a fireplace, perfect for meeting guests or listening to someone serenade the flames. Here you can have the ‘pleasure’ of listening to that sweet string music. 

In addition to the pods, there are several other seating options in the Bistro’s dining area: high-end cafeteria-style seating versus an elongated linear table, standard table seating, and bar seating. The yard serves Starbucks, drinks and a delicious selection of appetizers and desserts. 

With a large number and different species of flowers This space balances elegance with coziness. 

Colorful Streets

vilnius old town lithuania

Most streets in Vilnius old town are probably one of the most beautiful streets to visit in eat europe. These places are good when you want to surround yourself with colorful history laced with buildings.

Likening the whole city of Vilnius to a living tree, the streets of this natural creation will be branches, vibrant and evergreen. Full of life, elegance and vibrance. The streets of a city are definitely a part of its architecture. These streets exhibit different types of traditional meanings, ranging from well interlocked tiles to the well painted buildings.

This street represents sophistication at its most opulent and there have been a string of famous residents from the past and even today still attracts the rich and famous.

Night Vilnius

vilnius old town lithuania

Old town continues to maximize the use of light at night. The town is a great destination for holiday lights and so many buildings there  are renowned for their annual light displays.

These iconic lights of Vilnius city are more beautiful and memorable. LEDs regularly light up the most buildings in vibrant colors to commemorate various events. Whether blue and white for music concerts or red and green for Christmas, the iconic tower is constantly paying homage to special causes, sporting events and holidays.

These lights do not  only beautify the buildings but also deliver a number of benefits to people. Such benefits include greater safety for pedestrians and drivers, reduced fear of crime, more use of outdoor facilities after dark, enhanced economic growth and the creation of built and natural environments that are a source of beauty and entertainment. 

Fortunately these careful lighting design, soundly-based outdoor lighting standards and new lighting and sensor technology offer the possibility of providing the benefits of light at night while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Beautiful City Panoramas

vilnius old town lithuania

Old town is probably one of Vilnius most famous attractions; the town is famous for its panoramic views of the city and its exhilarating cityscape. A number of public shows are held here on the hall square part of the town such as museum nights, culture nights and Christmas in the capital.

Among the best places to enjoy the magnificent panorama of Vilnius old town and the cityscape is the Gediminas’ Castle Tower on The Peak, from here it is possible to appreciate the calm of the water, the vastness of the town and the beauty of the irregular mountain range that towers above Vilnius’s.

Being a place of picturesque beauty and a focal point of the city, it is no wonder that many public events take place here. Among them are the annual music concerts, museum events and a lot more.

Narrowest Street in Vilnius (Skapo str.)

vilnius old town lithuania

The Narrowest Street in Vilnius is located nearby the city hall and is an unknown site for many locals and tourists. Officially the narrowest street in Vilnius is called Skapo, which is only two meters wide. However, if you ask any local to take you to the narrowest street in Vilnius, you will end up on a cobblestone street which actually is about one meter wide.

Located near a historic building—city hall which dates back to 1795, in the center of old town,  this 2-meter-long street is known to be the narrowest street in Vilnius and it is often called Skapo. It has been well preserved by local residents and is a commercial area of gothic and neoclassical architectural style.

Walking down Skapo Street, tourists will feel like they are on a street from ancient times. It is paved by the long and narrow brown granite slab, with many lanes crisscrossing like the skeleton of a fish, it is very convenient to reach any corner of your nearby places. 

Row after row of carefully constructed buildings along the street. Beautiful carvings can be found on the windows and door lintels of houses on the street. 

Most buildings on this street have several doors to go through to reach the last rooms, their hallways are dark and narrow, but there are patios for lighting. Unique high walls in the shape, displaying the beauty of the neoclassical-style architectural complex.

More Photos Of Vilnius Old Town

Over the years, Vilnius has created its own ultra-modern identity. The evolution has paid off and the town has retained a historic center with a diverse range of architectural styles, although the overall flavor is baroque. The center of the city is the Plaza de la Catedral. A few steps away you will discover the old town and its many historic buildings, no less than 1500 in total, not to mention the various styles of the 40 churches in Vilnius.