Interesting Modern Buildings

Interesting Modern Buildings

Interesting modern buildings is a way to collect computable, interconnected information about a building. Because information is continuously collected as a construction project progresses, reliable digital representations of the building are always available for review by all parties involved in the design.

Over the years, building designs and construction methods have undergone many gradual changes. Our future and the future of our environment are now taken into account in the design of buildings. Today’s technology enables businesses to build for the future.

This building creates a central design model that is available to all design and construction teams so everyone is on the same page as the building progresses. This allows for better communication when it comes to making changes and resolving issues.

Below are a few buildings that exhibit these features


Interesting Modern Buildings

Vokiška keramika is a tile house in Vilnius which represents the most famous ceramic manufacturers from Germany, Italy and Great Britain in Lithuania.

Located in Savanorių pr. 67,  Vilnius  the project aims to provide ceramic, clinker, stone mass tiles, clinker blocks, special technical tiles for industrial objects, swimming pools, facades – wholesale and retail. Epoxy adhesives, putties, waterproofing materials, plumbing goods – trade.

Architecturally, this building transform the intricate original distribution in a clean space by creating a “elegance” and modern perimeter (containing the necessary storage area and integrating the clinker blocks), in which light contributes to the spatial clarity, giving greater depth to the different areas.

Interesting Modern Buildings

The procedure is completed with the inclusion of a brown decking and a whole glass facades, which gives order to the spaces around it.

This project has also memory, recognises the value of the true original elements: the existent ceramic roof (which is now showed and recovered) and especially the original hydraulic tiles, which are now integrated as niches emptied into the new storage perimeter.

Commercial Building L5

Interesting Modern Buildings

L5 business center is project is placed on a crossing of two streets Kalvarijų, Verkių, P. Lukšio and Kareivių streets.

The L5 is a point of colliding two urban space concepts: north part with classical city blocks of the Kalvarijų, Verkių, P. Lukšio  and the south part primarily along the Kareivių streets, outlined with modernistic dominant character of mostly public and business buildings.

Concept of this project stems from forming a unified structure that reconciles the surrounding urban matrix and meets the program requirements.

Four interacting volumes, a tower with 4 floors and buildings that unite the planned goals and achieve high quality relations with the main building.

Interesting Modern Buildings

The buildings are:

  • 2000 sq.m 6-storey administrative building at P. Lukšio str. 5B, has conference halls, common administrative space, ground floor for shops, bars, restaurants and other recreation area (sauna, swimming pool).
  • 760 sq.m 3 three-storey administrative building with a basement at P. Lukšio str. 3. This building on the third floor is connected by a unique glass tunnel to a 6-storey building.
  • 672 sq.m 2-storey administrative building at P. Lukšio str. 5 is also connected to a 6-storey building
  • 362 sq m building of unique architecture connecting a 6-storey building with a 2-storey building.

Semi-open atrium between these buildings connects them with the surrounding public pedestrian surfaces.

The floors are reserved for garage spaces, ground floor for shops, bars and restaurants. There are large office space, and a unique viewpoint at the top of the tower.

Simple but at the same time attractive effect of the facade design, made by pulling glass modules in and out, gives the building recognition and uniqueness.


Interesting Modern Buildings

This Residential (apartment building) was constructed in the year 2012 (9 years ago) and it comprises of 7 floors (seven storeys)

It’s located around Šnipiškės and Žirmūnai elderships, limited by Konstitucijos ave. to Ukmergės st., Ukmergės st. to Geležinio Vilko str.

The seven-story construction has two recessed upper floors accommodating spacious terraces. Generous south-facing loggias are staggered intermittently on each level and extensive glazing offers beautiful views of the nearby surroundings.

With its modernization, the building is designed to age with dignity. The calm, sculptural exterior façades with their elegant light-colored clinker cladding are enlivened by the interplay of the loggias that envelope the building.

Throughout the building, the flowing lines and curves are repeated and natural materials and surfaces such as brick, wood, and bare concrete have been applied.

The ground floor has commercial units for retail and catering use that can be accessed via the pedestrianized square.


Interesting Modern Buildings

This Administrative  non-residential building was built in 2006 (15 years ago). It has 4 floors (4-storey)

It’s located Parts of Vilkpėdė, Naujamiestis and Naujininkai elderships, limited to Savanorių ave. section from Vilkpėdės st.

The existing four storey office building from the early twenties with the panel curtain wall façade and the distinctive rounded window cut-outs is a sleeping beauty.

The columns has load capacity left and the façade had joints to potentially continue with the panels upwards.