Vilnius Christmas Tree

Vilnius Christmas tree has always been a unique blend of history with facts and stories — the combination has initiated the modern version of the outdoor, lit evergreen Christmas tree. The Christmas tree, often referred to as the Yule tree, has evolved over the years. From indoor to outdoor, the Christmas tree has been a great means of lit Christmas decoration.


Christmas trees are not just for the indoors anymore, but they are for the outdoors as well. Before this, Christmas trees were found only inside people’s homes, in office buildings and in shopping centers, but these days there is no reason why you can’t have a Christmas tree outdoors in your own garden as well.

Outdoor artificial Christmas trees can be incredibly beautiful when you set them up in front of your home. These Christmas trees are celebrated by decorating them with different lights and ornaments. There are stunning themed Christmas trees with flowers and lights. Likewise, the well-decorated trees with soothing ornaments tell a story of life every year as you decorate your tree.

Decorated Christmas trees don’t just merely look good inside the building; they can do wonders to dress up the outside or outdoors as well too. After all, why should we confine the Christmas spirit to the indoors? Something as gorgeous as a decorated Christmas tree is probably just what you need to help spruce up your garden and bring the holiday spirit to not just the indoors but the outside of your home as well.

Being a beautiful city in Eastern Europe, Vilnius is full of Christmas trees with unique decorations and a magical ambiance. This piece will fill you in on two prominent places in Vilnius with lit Christmas trees.

Vilnius Christmas Tree Near Cathedral

This is a 27meter Christmas tree located around Vilnius Cathedral Square. Inspired by snowflakes, this Christmas tree is surrounded by several thousands of naturally fragrant spruce branches, all decorated with vastly decorated color-changing RGB spiral arrangements of intertwined flowers and leaves.

Designed by Dominykas Koncevičius and having drawn inspiration from the fascinating geometry and variety of snowflakes, this funnel-shaped tree is covered with 96 big snowflakes, mirrored ice and a shroud of glowing lights. It is crowned with a huge star, 6m in diameter, shining at the top.

The installation comprises three layers: the bottom shielded with mirrors, signifying ice, and white spruce branches with frost on them. The middle layer embodies different sizes and forms of snowflakes, while the top layer is designed in garlands that emit bright reflections.

The ambiance sets the mood and spreads light in the Cathedral Square. Its design captures the public well — connecting features such as the decorative mirrors, reflections, surroundings and lights to create magical beams of lights, colors, and shapes.

Vilnius Christmas Tree Near City Hall

Vilnius christmas tree
Vilnius Christmas Tree Near Citu Hall 2022

Vilnius Town Hall is a historic city hall in the Old Town of Vilnius square. This space features the main Christmas tree in the city, well decorated to suit the Christmas mood as well as other important tourist purposes.

This Christmas won the hearts of many around the world at the time it was built, and it won the award for the most beautiful tree in Europe.